Meet the creative team


Mark Newell - Digital Director, Biscuit
Mark Newell - BISCUIT®
Creative Director - Concept Artist

Bachelor of Art, Deakin University
Drawing on more than 25 years in the industry, with much of that time spent working as lead Theme Park digital expert and visual concept artist, Mark is unashamedly passionate in his approach to responsive, commercially-savvy creative results, be it Blue Sky concept design, character design, digital rendering, website UI design & development, animation, virtual reality or augmented reality technology.

An early adopter of web technologies, Mark was developing online solutions before most of us cottoned on to the power of the Internet.

Prior to forming Biscuit Mark was Creative Director for Asia Online. He thrives in the technology-driven disciplines of web strategy, digital, 360 video, SEO, online marketing strategies, 3D modelling/ character development (3D M&M's Character development for packaging), digital illustration, video editing, Apps and VR + AR techs. Mark thrives on new methods, tools and anything technology and offers the most cutting edge solutions to his clients.

He is equally at home with traditional art and design crafts such as illustration, oil painting, sculpting (clay) character illustration, theme park visualisation & park map illustration and loves the challenge of integrating these into high-personality, effective, contemporary visual solutions.

Mark has worked with: Disney Imagineering, Funfields Theme Park, Aussie World, Adventure Park, Sydney Olympic Park, Mitsubishi Motors, Mars Confectionery, Sinapore Airlines, ALF, Macquarie Bank, Xerox, Fairy Park and Europcar.
Mark’s reputation for high-quality cutting edge technology work spans peers, clients and the broader design industry.

Funfields Website - CSS Design Awards
Adventure Park  - (WWA) Website Awards 
Sparky the Shark  - Australian App Awards Finalist
"Out of Time" Stop-motion Short Film- Sydney World Film Festival Award Nominee
"Out of Time" Stop-motion Short Film - Melbourne Indie Film Festival - Animation Award Nominee

Paula Mantle - Creative Director, Biscuit
Paula Mantle - BISCUIT®
Creative Director - Concept Designer

Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design
Swinburne School of Design
Adv. Cert. Art and Design, RMIT
With 22 years experience Paula is a design purist focused on designing effective, distinctive creative solutions having learnt her craft through one of Australia’s most prestigious design faculties.

Paula lists her specialties as: creating strong customer connections with big picture thinking through concept design, area master planning, high concepts (Blue Sky), graphic design, concept photo bashing, advertising, branding & typography. All backed up with a strong business acumen and an instinctive ability to create an impact.

In the last 15 years Paula has been working almost exclusively with theme park clients including: Disney Imagineering, Australian theme & amusement parks: Funfields, Aussie World, Adventure Park & Fairy Park. Paula also worked on creating Willy Wonka's car for the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory theatre production which toured Sydney & Melbourne.

Coming from a commercial design background, Paula honed her skills in the corporate world of design before taking on theme park brand transformations and hasn’t looked back, with her passion for the entertainment, theme park and tourism industry continuing to grow.

Over the last 15 years Paula has helped transform three theme park brands Adventure Park, Aussie World, and most recently Funfields Theme Park creating themed areas, branding, developing marketing strategies, social media, customer experience design and all creative requirements for brand roll out, digital solutions and traditional print based design.

With a thought-provoking and emotionally charged design style as her professional hallmark, Paula truly understands how to use her creativity and design skills to leave a lasting emotional impact.

Funfields Website - Finalist CSS Design Awards Adventure Park - Winner (WWA) Website Awards Adventure Park - Winner (WWA) Marketing Awards
Studio Manager

Try reaching the Biscuit studio door without our living ‘door bell' Cookie sounding the alarm with his ear piercing barks or cries (if he recognises the visitor).

Cookie keeps the Biscuit studio ticking over and offers somewhat unconditional entertainment and affection. He’s a clever boy who will perform amazing, death defying tricks like Roll Over, Talk, Under, Stand, Bang, Touch, Drop, Beg, Wait and can even push a small shopping trolley.

He’s likes to ‘size up’ all visitors on arrival through his own character assessment criteria consisting of unauthorised snooping through bags, grading quality of pats based on duration and relaxation benefits and capacity to engage in a quick game of chasey.

Too important to actually contribute anything worth invoicing, Cookie lives a life of leisure, choosing which of his 5 day beds he would like to take short naps in.

Favourite things: any form of food and plush toys that squeak, quack, play music, rattle or is interactive. No boring tennis balls!